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Best-in-Market Patient-Centered Medical Home Transformation and Health Equity


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Patient-Centered Care To Improve Health Equity for People of Color


Our Team of Professionals is Skilled in Organizational Performance,  Human Resource Management, Healthcare Consumer Behavior, and Patient-Centered, Culturally Competent, Care.  


Let us Show you How to Maximize the Return on Your Process

Bennie Thompson, Congressman, MS

I wanted to personally thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to participate in the Congressional
Black Caucus Political Education and Leadership Institute’s (CBC Institute) annual policy conference...

You will be pleased to know that there were many positive comments on you as a speaker and on the value of the information you imparted. In fact, one of our attendees told me what she learned from you was “life changing information”.


Denise Crawford, CEO, MI

Dr. Young and his team has collected, analyzed and reported our patient experience data for over 5 years.  They have exceeded our expectations and significantly contributed to a substantial increase in our scores.  This has impresses my staff, which does not happen often.


Dr. Nicole Love Bradford, PA-C PCMH Practice Coordinator, MI

Dr. Young was amazing in helping us achieve Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition.  His ability to use project management tools made the process easy and resulted in our submission being made in recorded time.  Our whole team was very happy with our accomplishments and really appreciated his invaluable support. 

Wayne Bradley, CEO, MI

James did a very good job of collecting and analyzing our patient experience data.  Through his efforts, we were able to achieve Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition for our key sites


Tyrone Thigpen, Practice Leader, MS

We would have never achieved Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition in such a short period of time if it were not for the knowledge and skills Dr. Young and his team brought to the process.  He was a real pleasure to work with 

Moses Walker, Community Leader and Board Chair of an FQHC, MI

Our Board of Directors appreciates the work Dr. Young and his team provides to our clinics to help us analyze and improve our Patient Experience Scores