About Concordant Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

"Concordance is defined as the degree of patient and physician similarity or agreement across a given dimension. Sharing specific social characteristics (e.g. gender, race, socioeconomic status, education), expectations, beliefs, and perceptions impact health care quality,"

Patient Education Council 2011

Thornton, Powe, Roter, Cooper

Our Mission Statement:

To be a leader in maximizing stakeholder value in an increasingly competitive healthcare profession

The Concordant Healthcare Solutions, Inc. team consists of skilled, diverse professionals dedicated to improving healthcare value, equity, and experience for providers, leaders, employers, payors, and patients by identifying factors and behaviors that lead to concordant improvements for all stakeholders.


Improving health for all stakeholders is a team sport and requires professionals who can see healthcare through the eyes of patients, providers, systems, payors, and employees.


We are that team ready to help you achieve and sustain success in the increasingly patient-centered, competitive healthcare industry.


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