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Welcome to the Concordant Healthcare Solutions Leadership Workshops

In the contemporary business world, leadership development and an acute understanding of healthcare dynamics are pivotal to fostering cost-efficiency, equity, and heightened human performance outcomes. The Concordant Healthcare Solutions Leadership Workshops have been meticulously crafted to serve as the nexus for this transformative journey for both non-healthcare and healthcare leaders.

For Non-Healthcare HR and Business Leaders:

Are you a business or HR leader seeking to enhance your leadership skills and increase your knowledge on how to improve health and wellness-related performance outcomes in your organization?


These workshops are tailored just for you. Elevate your leadership skills by embracing human-centered competencies essential in today’s competitive environment. Learn to develop strategies to help your employees navigate the healthcare system, leveraging published data on providers and systems, to optimize their healthcare experiences. Enhance not just their well-being but also transform them into informed healthcare consumers. Your enhanced leadership will drive a competitive, compassionate workplace culture, ensuring unparalleled growth and sustainability.

For Healthcare Leaders:

Are you positioned within the healthcare domain aspiring to elevate your leadership dimensions? These workshops are your gateway to insight and innovation. Discover how to seamlessly integrate human leadership competencies to augment your value-based revenue and solidify your competitive position in your market and the diverse communities you serve. Unearth novel strategies to enhance healthcare delivery, ensuring equity and excellence, contributing significantly to community health and well-being.

Join us at the Concordant Healthcare Solutions Leadership Workshops, where visionary learning meets practical insights, empowering you to lead with impact, innovation, and integrity in healthcare and beyond. During our workshops, we demonstrate how to pioneer a future where leadership transcends boundaries, fostering a culture of enhanced health, equity, revenue-based performance outcomes and holistic value for all stakeholders.

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              James P. Young, Jr., Ph.D.,
                  Chief Executive Officer
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Nicole Love, Ph.D., 
Licensed Physician Assistant

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