Our Unique Value Proposition

Patient Centered Care Teams have been shown to improve clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction and reduce costly episodic care and hospital readmissions. 


  • We hold certifications in Patient Centered Medical Home Content and Healthcare Quality as well as advance academic degrees and experience in Healthcare and Business Administration

  • We have extensive experience supporting Federally Qualified Health Centers that are part of the VA Network

  • We have a rapid response system where we can research and design organization-specific learning modules to address the needs of stakeholders throughout the enterprise.

  • We have extensive experience working with specialty practices in managing chronic conditions, including the number one illness, heart disease.

  • We have conducted and publish primary research on the kind of culturally competent healthcare that promotes trust and satisfaction among diverse patient populations.

  • We provide one of the most comprehensive process improvement tools to guide healthcare organizations toward development of high performing cultures where all stakeholders contribute to the VA's Mission.

  • We have designed data collection and analysis protocols for patient experience surveys that align with the kind of Health Belief Models that are used to explain and predict healthcare consumer behavior.

Our Promise

We will use our skills and experience to support every member of the PACT Team to create a patient-centered culture throughout the Veterans Healthcare Delivery System and in support of the I CARE Program and the Veterans Integrated Service Networks (VISNs).

We will provide data guided strategies that will help the VA PACTs deliver clinical outcomes more efficiently and with best in class results compared to commercial healthcare systems.

We will develop data analytic protocols to accurately measure patient and staff satisfaction from team-based care consistent and in support of the Strategic Analytic for Improvement and Learning Model (SAIL).