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Human-Centered Leadership Workshops

I am pleased to announce the rollout of our Leadership Workshops that focus on the critical intersection of healthcare equity and organizational performance that the global pandemic has brightly illuminated.

We have witnessed the consequences of these disparities, particularly in people and communities of color and marginalized communities.

The avoidable deaths, prolonged illnesses, and significant economic losses experienced by these communities underscore the urgent need to transform the healthcare landscape.

Our workshops result from the collaboration among a diverse team of experienced course designers, business leaders, academic leaders, clinical leaders, and professionals in healthcare quality and patient-centered care.

Our learning objectives aim to address the systemic challenges by focusing on human-centered leadership competencies. This initiative is crucial for establishing organizational cultures that intrinsically value and promote health equity as a fundamental business or organizational imperative.

By attending these workshops, participants will be empowered to spearhead transformative changes within their organizations, ensuring not just the attainment of health equity but also enhancing overall organizational performance.

The journey towards healthcare equity is a collective responsibility to bring about the much-needed, and sustainable change, ensuring that each individual has access to quality healthcare regardless of their background or community.

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