Celebrate Patient Experience Week

Interacting with healthcare professionals can be a difficult task and often results in poor experience outcomes. Yet, the future of Patient Experience in healthcare looks promising.

April 22-26 is Patient Experience Week. This is when healthcare leaders recognize and celebrate those individuals and teams that demonstrate high level skills in creating a positive experience for those patients, families and loved ones who entrust them with their care. Healthcare leaders from around the world will be distributing rewards, having recognition luncheons, creating Patient Experience awareness campaigns and a myriad of other motivational events to improve Patient Experience outcomes in their delivery systems.

If you are a practice that has achieved Patient Centered Medical Home Transformation, this is a good time to share your Patient Experience outcomes with your stakeholders and identify ways by which to improve your outcomes within the PCMH and CG-CAHPS domains. As studies have shown, poor PE can result in lost business, damaged reputation in the social media, and decreased Per Member Per Month revenue from payers.

To those who have committed to best-in-class Patient Experience outcomes, we say...Thank You!!!

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