Align Patient Centered Medical Home with Voice of the Customer and Improve Performance Outcomes

The CG-CAHPS Patient Experience Survey provides measurements that can guide the development of strategies to improve practice outcomes and value based revenue when combined with Patient Centered Medical Home Competencies. The challenge practices face is operationalizing the survey data within the PCMH model.

As noted below, determining the statistical relationship between what is important to the customer and how the practice is performing in key areas is the first step in patient centered performance improvement. The next step is aligning the Key Performance Indicators with PCMH competencies that directly influence the KPIs.

This is followed by developing an integrated PCMH/CG CAHPS Project Management Platform that is used for sustainable cultural change and organizational alignment around PCMH and CG-CAHPS principles.

This has been one of the most successful strategies for transforming practices from low performing Fee for Service organizations to high performing Value Based revenue generating organizations. Let us show you how.

PCMH/CG-CAHPS Project Management Platform...StratBlue

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